Blake Griffin's History

Blake Griffin is the current power forward for the Los Angeles Clippers, one of the top teams in the NBA right now. Griffin spent his college years at the University of Oklahoma Sooners, before he was drafted into the NBA by the Clippers. Griffin instantly gained praise and accolades from fans, teammates and pundits alike. He missed the 09-10 season through injury, but made his NBA debut in the 10-11 season. He won Rookie of the Year that season, and also made the All Star team. He even won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, highlighting his prowess at completing slam dunks and alley oops.

Griffin's freshman NBA season remains his best to date. He averaged 12.1 rebounds a game, 22.5 points a game and 3.8 assists a game that season. Since then, his numbers have declined slightly, especially in the points and rebounds category. He now averages 19 points a game, and only completes 8.3 rebounds a game. Despite those slight declines, Griffin is still one of the best slam dunk players in the NBA. His combination play with Chris Paul is something that all NBA fans enjoy seeing.

Blake Griffin top dunks are one of the reasons the Clippers have sold out close to 100 straight games. Fans will pay good money to see their team perform well, but they also love watching Blake Griffin top dunks, especially when they make the opposition centers and power forwards look a bit foolish.

Blake Griffin's Training Routine

So what are Blake's secrets to his success? Aside from natural athleticism, Griffin has a very unusual training regimen that others should line up to copy. He refers to this regimen as his "Sand Workout". While his cardio work is done in the swimming pool or on a stair master, his strength and agility training are done outside on the nation's beaches and hills. He consistently runs, climbs and carries weight over these surfaces for long periods of time. He does this based on the premise that when you can do a physical activity on sand, it becomes a lot easier to do on a flat, hard basketball court. With the addition of a strict diet that includes chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables, the results are unparalleled leg and torso strength that gives us Blake Griffin best dunks.

Blake's Top Dunks

Blake Griffin dunks are often instant highlight reel material. Griffin is not the type of player who completes a meek or average dunk. Blake Griffin dunks are always completed with intensity, skill, and an amount of showmanship. A look at some of the Blake Griffin top 10 dunks highlights just how good this player is near the basket.

1. vs. Oklahoma City
In a recent game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Griffin launched into a monster slam dunk. After completing a pick and roll scheme, he took a step and launched himself at the rim, going through Perkins in the process.

2. vs. San Antonio Spurs
A terrific alley-oop pass from Eric Bledsoe resulted in a monster dunk from Griffin. This is the type of dunk that lights up the stadium, energizing the crowd and his teammates.

3. vs. Detroit Pistons
Eric Gordon's pass into Griffin was met in his stride, before he launched himself into a two handed slam dunk, leaving the Pistons' center in his wake.

4. vs. Oklahoma City
Another monster dunk against OKC, this time it was a great isolation move from Griffin. Standing in the post area, Griffin turns Jeff Green, goes through Perkins, and launches into a monster slam.

5. vs. NY Knicks
Eric Gordon attempted a dunk against the Knicks, but just could not finish it off. With three Knicks players in the area looking to grab the rebound, Griffin launched himself into a signature one handed slam, rifling the ball through the basket to set the Staples Center alight.

Watch him play!

When you witness one of the Blake Griffin dunks, the first thing you notice is his elevation. When you watch one of the Blake Griffin best dunks, you can see he clearly has that showman like quality and absolute fearlessness. He fears no man and is willing to "posterize" any foe daring to stand in his way. When it comes to Blake Griffin top ten dunks, you will witness him taking a rebound off the boards and slamming it through the hoop right over the back of the Los Angeles Laker's all star power forward Pau Gasol. As a matter of fact, Gasol has been victimized on more than one occasion to make the list of Blake Griffin top ten dunks. Perhaps, the best of the best was the drive and dunk over Serge Ibaka, one of the NBA's premiere shot blockers.

Blake Griffin brings spectacular dunks every times he steps on the floor. To say he is worth the price of admission is a understatement. As long as he continues his physical prowess, NBA fans will dazed and amazed by spectacular dunks for years to come.